Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video - Home Movies of LBJ and others at Camp David

The LBJ Library uploaded some of Lady Bird Johnson's home movies to You Tube. Two of the movies contain some interesting scenes shot at Camp David.

The first movie was shot in the summer of 1965. It opens with various scenes at Camp David including the golf hole, the area around the Aspen Lodge, the helicopter landing zone and the swimming pool.  David Brinkley, Eugene McCarthy, Billy Graham and Jack Valenti appear in this film along with President Johnson and his family and friends. At approximately 3 minutes into the film, the scene switches to Joseph Hirshhorn's house in Greenwich, Connecticut.  The movie returns to Camp David at the 7 minute mark.

The second home movie was shot by Lady Bird Johnson around 1967. It features President Johnson and his family and friends enjoying Camp David. Scenes from the movie include the following locations/activities at Camp David: swimming pool, trampoline, shuffleboard, and bowling alley.

Source:  Lyndon Baines Johnson Library (via YouTube)