Wednesday, July 11, 2012


President Obama shoots pool in Hickory after the G8 Summit on May 19, 2012

According to the Brunswick corporate website, President Eisenhower had Camp David  "furnished with not one, but four Brunswick tables. Every President since Eisenhower—Kennedy, Nixon, Carter, Clinton—has used those tables."

Guests playing pool in Holly in 1979
President Obama played pool in Hickory  during his birthday party in 2009 and after the G8 Summit in May 2012. The stained glass light fixture above the pool table is decorated with a navy anchor, flags, and "Camp David" in decorative lettering.

During the 1978 Camp David Summit, President Carter had a pool table set up in Holly cabin to provide some recreation for the participants over the thirteen stressful days there.

Sources: The White House; Brunswick Bowling & Billiards Corporation; Jimmy Carter Library