Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Construction at Camp David

One way to find out about new construction at Camp David is to study the satellite photos published periodically by Google and Bing. Google Maps has recently been updated to use satellite imagery from 5/25/2013. It previously displayed image data from 2/28/2007.

After looking over the updated imagery, I found the following changes below to be the most interesting.

There appears to be a new building next to the Witch Hazel cabin

A roof was added above the staff pool and a small building (changing room/showers?) was added on the left

The hangar building was enlarged and a pond was added

The area behind the skeet range has been modified

This unknown building located southeast of the staff pool has been modified

A small structure was added near the cluster of buildings located near the back gate

It looks like a building might have been added near the Laurel Lodge

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Source: Google maps