The White House website describes Camp David as being  "located in Catoctin Mountain Park in Frederick County, Maryland". Google Maps provides a detailed view of the retreat layout. Using publicly available information from various sources on the internet, I created the labeled map below.  The high resolution image of this map can be viewed here.

Current Google Maps satellite view of Camp David - Click here for full-size version

The map below was created in 1971.  It shows the location of the modern-day Laurel Lodge, which at the time was scheduled to be built in 1973.  It is missing the Evergreen Chapel, the Wye Oak Fitness Center, and a few other buildings that have sprung up over the years.

1971 map of Camp David (National Archives Nixon Presidential Materials Project)

The green illustrated map below shows the original Laurel Lodge, which has since been renamed Holly. This map also shows a cluster of cabins labeled "Cedar Area" whereas the 1971 map above only shows a single Cedar Cabin, which is labeled as the "Camp Commander's Quarters".

Also shown is a building named "Locust" which is located between Birch and Dogwood cabins.  I could not find any information about Locust and it is not shown on the 1971 map above. There is a small building east of Hickory labeled "Luzon".  The 1971 map above shows it as the dispensary.  That has since been torn down and the sick bay was relocated to a new building named "Eucalyptus" (not shown on any map).

I do not know the creation date of this map. There is a tiny handwritten date in the bottom right corner, but unfortunately I can only make out the month "July".

To see a comparison of how Camp David has changed over the years, read my post about Camp David on Google Maps and Google Earth

Vintage map of Camp David (date unknown)  - Click here for larger image

Aerial view of Camp David - December 1961

The maps above show what is inside the perimeter fence around Camp David. In another post. I also wrote about what is located outside the back gate at Camp David.

Path leading from the Camp David back gate - Click here to read the blog post about this

View Camp David on Google Maps
You can easily find the Presidential Retreat by searching for "Camp David Maryland" on Google Maps. The map below is linked to Google Maps and you can zoom in or pan to see other parts of the retreat.

View Larger Map 

Here is the entrance to Camp David on Google Streetview. If you zoom in, you can see the "Camp #3" sign on the left.

View Larger Map

View Camp David on BingMaps

I also created this video tour of Camp David using Google Earth:

Source:  National Archives; Google; Bing; Barbara Bush: A Memoir; The President is at Camp David; John F. Kennedy Presidential Library; The White House