Friday, June 16, 2017

President Trump at Camp David

Aspen Lodge: The President's Cabin at Camp David



May 1 - 3
President Trump met with Administration officials at Camp David.

May 15 - 17
President Trump holds meetings at Camp David. In attendance: Kevin McCarthy, Mark Meadows,  GOP Reps. Dan Crenshaw (Texas), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Devin Nunes (Calif.), Jim Jordan (Ohio), Elise Stefanik (N.Y.) and Lee Zeldin (N.Y.).

November 27 - 29
President Trump spends Thanksgiving weekend at Camp David.

November 2020 - Laurel Lodge

November 2020 - Dinner at Laurel Lodge



January 6
President Trump met with White House senior staff to discuss the administration's priorities for 2019.

June 22-23
President Trump met with his aides at Camp David over the weekend.

August 30 - Sept 1
President Trump went to Camp David for the weekend.

October 25-26
President Trump went to Camp David for Jared and Ivanka's 10th wedding anniversary party.

President Trump and Senator Rick Scott - 8/31/19
President Trump, Senator Scott, and senior staff at Hurricane Dorian FEMA briefing in Laurel Lodge - 8/31/19




January 5-7
President Trump met with GOP congressional leaders and members of his Cabinet to discuss 2018 legislative priorities.

President Trump meeting with congressional leaders in the Laurel Lodge - 1/5/18

Waiting for dinner to be served in Laurel Lodge - 1/5/18
President Trump at a news conference held in the hangar at Camp David - 1/6/18

June 1-3
President Trump spent the weekend at Camp David with some of his family: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., and Tiffany Trump. Heavy rain in the Washington area forced the president to return to the White House on Sunday afternoon via a 90-minute motorcade ride.


June 17-18
On June 17, 2017, President Trump became the 14th president to visit Camp David. The president, first lady, and son Barron stayed overnight in the Aspen Lodge and returned to the White House on Sunday afternoon. Melania's parents accompanied the First Family on the Father's Day weekend trip.

Melania tweeted this photo of the Aspen Lodge:

August 18
President Trump returned to the presidential retreat on August 18th for a national security meeting on the Afghanistan strategy.

President Trump and Vice President Pence outside Laurel Lodge.

National security meeting held in Laurel Lodge on Aug 18, 2017

August 25-27
On August 25th, President Trump's daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner and grandchildren Arabella, Theodore and Joseph joined the First Family for a weekend trip to Camp David.

President Trump receiving an update on Hurricane Harvey via video teleconference on August 26, 2017

President Trump in a follow-up videoconference on Hurricane Harvey on August 27, 2017 in Laurel Lodge

September 8-10
President Trump spent the weekend of Sept 8-10 at Camp David and hosted a full Cabinet meeting on Saturday, September 9th.

President Trump receives briefing on Hurricane Irma - Sept 10, 2017

December 16-17
President Trump spent the weekend of Dec 16-17 at Camp David and met with some members of his Cabinet: VP Pence, Sec. Shulkin, Dir. Mulvaney, Sec. Mnuchin, Sec. Carson, and Sec. Perdue.


2017:  June 17-18; August 18; August 25-27; September 8-10; December 16-17
2018:  January 5-7; June 1-3
2019:  January 6; June 22-23; August 30 - Sept 1; October 25-26
2020:  May 1-3; May 15-17; November 27-29

As of November 29, 2020
Total number of visits: 14
Total number of days at Camp David: 34

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