Thursday, July 20, 2017

Red Oak Cabin

Mitch McConnell outside the Red Oak cabin in 1992 (Photo: National Archives - Shawn T. Moore )

The Red Oak cabin is one of the "VIP guest cabins" along with Birch, Dogwood, and Maple.  It was one of the original cabins and was rebuilt in 1973. During the 1978 Camp David peace negotiations, Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan shared the two-bedroom cabin with three other Israeli officials.

In 2012, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stayed at the Red Oak cabin during the G8 Summit. Although the cabin assignments for the G8 Summit were never publicly announced, several months of online sleuthing and an FOIA request resulted in my blog post detailing the cabin assignments for all of the G8 leaders

The photos on this page were taken during a visit to Camp David in 1992 by the current Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao.

Bedroom inside Camp David cabin - 1992  (Photo: National Archives - Shawn T. Moore )

Interior of Camp David cabin - 1992  (Photo: National Archives - Shawn T. Moore )

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