Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pets at Camp David

President George W. Bush's dog Spot arrives at Camp David in 2001 for an important meeting in the Laurel Lodge

President Bush hits some tennis balls to puppy Barney in April 2001; President Bush and Chief of Staff Josh Bolten walk with Barney in July 2007

President Bush with Millie and Ranger in November 1991; President and Mrs. Bush walk with Millie in September 1992

President Reagan and dog Lucky head to Camp David on Marine One; President and Mrs. Reagan walk Lucky in 1985 and Rex in 1988.

The Fords take Liberty for a walk in 1976;  Liberty goes for a swim in the heated Aspen pool in October 1974

President Ford with Liberty in October 1974 and February 1975

President Nixon and Bob Haldeman walk with dog King Timahoe in February 1971; President and Mrs Nixon with Pasha, Vicky, and King Timahoe in November 1973.

President Johnson and dog Yuki with Ambassadors Bunker and Harriman in April 1968

President Kennedy's daughter Caroline rides her pony Macaroni at Camp David in March 1963

President Franklin D. Roosevelt's dog Fala and his dog house at Shangri-La (Camp David)

Sources: The White House; George Bush Presidential Library; Ronald Reagan Library; Gerald R. Ford Library; Richard Nixon Library; Lyndon Baines Johnson Library; JFK Library; Harry S.Truman Library