Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cedar Cabin - Home of the Camp David Commanding Officer

Cedar Cabin - 1980s

The Commanding Officer of Camp David is required to live on-site in Cedar Cabin. The four bedroom one-story building was built in 1957.   Lt. Thomas E. Wyncoop was the first commanding officer to live at Camp David.  When the President is at Camp David, family members of the Commanding Officer are restricted to the immediate area around the home.

In 2003, $109,000 was budgeted to renovate the aging cabin. Here is a description of the renovation project as described in the FY 2003 Navy Budget Estimates for Military Construction:
"This project will provide improvements and repairs to one unit for the Commanding Officer at NSF Thurmont, Maryland. Improvement work includes enlarging the living room, dining room, bathroom,sunroom, front stoop and porch; relocating and modernizing the kitchen; relocating main entry door; reconfiguring a coat closet; converting the existing two car attached garage into a family room with fireplace; all mechanical and electrical work associated with architectural and structural changes; construction of a detached two car garage, trash and recycle bin, a patio and the addition of walkways and outdoor lighting. Improvement work will increase square footage within statutory levels. Repair work includes replacement of HVAC, windows, and downspouts; repair of wood siding."
Cedar Cabin - 1980s

Cedar Cabin - 1958
Cedar Cabin - 1961
Google Maps view of Cedar Cabin - The Commanding Officer's residence

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  1. I really don’t remember the camp CO living there. Most of the officers and senior enlisted lived in a housing circle west of CD which can be found via google. It looks they have expanded that housing circle as well over time.

  2. He did, I was there from 1973-1976, and my wife (a navy dependent at the time) used to baby sit for them before we got married. Her father was a Seabee Senior Chief, and they they lived in the circle, I was a Marine Cpl living in the barracks when we met.