Thursday, May 17, 2012

G8 Summit Photos

Detailed information about the G-8 Summit can be found in another post: G8 Summit 2012 at Camp David

Friday, May 18th - G8 Day 1

Angela Merkel getting off helicopter and riding golf cart - Camp David
German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives at Camp David and rides a golf cart to her cabin  (photos: Getty)

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev posted this photo of himself standing outside his Dogwood cabin

Obama, Merkel, Medvedev at Camp David G8 Summit
President Obama greets the G8 leaders outside Laurel Lodge  (photos: Reuters, Getty)

President Obama with European Commission President Barroso  (photo:

The G8 leaders at a working dinner at Laurel Lodge  (photo: White House)

Birthday cake for Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda of Japan  (photo: White House)

President Obama, President Hollande, Prime Minister Monti, and Chancellor Merkel in the Aspen Lodge (photo: White House)

Saturday, May 19th - G8 Day 2

Chancellor Angela Merkel walking to Laurel Lodge                     Merkel and Medvedev hold a bilateral meeting  (photos: Getty)

Working sessions inside Laurel Lodge  (photos: Getty, European Commission)

Camp David media center for G8 Summit
G8 press center at Camp Round Meadow gym  (photo: @EUintheUS)

President Obama with Chancellor Merkel, P.M. Medvedev; P.M. Cameron  (photos: White House)

G8 leaders posing for the official family photo outside the Aspen Lodge (photo:

   G8 leaders meet with leaders from Benin, Ethiopia, Ghana, and Tanzania to discuss food security in Africa (photos: Getty)

The G8 leaders meet outside on the patio behind Laurel Lodge  (photo: White House)

            Cameron and Medvedev meet inside Laurel                                 Merkel and Obama meet on the Aspen terrace (photos: Getty)

Prime Minister Noda met with President Hollande and  EU leaders Barroso and Van Rompuy inside Laurel
 (photos: Cabinet Public Relations Office - Japan) 

President Hollande and Prime Minister Harper met privately in Hollande's Birch cabin to discuss Canada-EU free trade deal
(photos: Prime Minister of Canada)

President Obama delivers the G8 Summit closing remarks outside the Aspen Lodge  (photos: AP, Reuters)

President Obama talks with his staff outside Aspen at the conclusion of the summit  (photo: White House)

G8 Summit Protests

Protest events were held in Thurmont and Frederick. A description of the activities can be found in a previous post.

G8 protesters in Baker park in Frederick, MD on Friday May 18th  (photo: @FredScanner)

Ethiopian demonstrators protest in Thurmont against Ethiopian P.M. Zenawi's participation in the G8 Summit  on May 19th
(photos - John Kinnaird)

Police in riot gear watch the protesters in Thurmont  (photos - John Kinnaird)

More photos of the G8 protests in Thurmont can be viewed here.

Sources: AP, @FredScanner;; Reuters, Getty; European; @RobertFife; Prime Minister of Canada; Cabinet Public Relations Office - Japan

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