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Working at Camp David

Camp David is an active Navy base staffed by Navy and Marine personnel. It is officially known as Naval Support Facility (NSF) Thurmont. A recruiting team from Camp David travels to various Naval facilities to identify sailors for assignment to the presidential retreat. The recruiting team screens and interviews personnel who meet their qualification criteria. They review performance evaluations to find individuals who have demonstrated consistently high standards of character, discretion, loyalty, and performance.

Selectees undergo a single scope background investigation to determine if they are eligible for a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI) Yankee White (YW) clearance. All personnel assigned to duty in Presidential support activities are required to have a "Yankee White" clearance.

The tour length is 36 months. Below is a list of occupation fields related to Navy service at Camp David:

Source: MILPERSMAN 1306-968

Camp David Commander Russell Rang meets with NSF Thurmont Sailors in the Hackberry Hangar in 2015

The U.S. Navy Seabee magazine reported on duty station opportunities at Camp David in 2010. Below is the Professional Development page from that issue:

A 2003 article from the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter describes some of the jobs available at Camp David for members of the Supply Team:
"Our supply team consists of mess management specialists, storekeepers, and ship’s serviceman, all of which envision and strive to meet our mission of service to the President.
Mess management specialists serve in multiple capacities ranging from preparing galley meal service for our crew to providing five star services to the President, First Lady, and their guests at the Laurel Conference Center. Additionally, as a member of our Guest Operations staff, you will assist in providing world class services through operation of 13 guest cabins, 2 conference centers, 12 VIP suites and the Mountain Top Café.
Storekeepers serve as night club managers during presidential visits in Hickory, which serves as the President’s all hands club, and supervise the movie theater and bowling alley. Ship’s servicemen are responsible for the management of Shangri-La all hands club and game room. They perform their same shipboard functions operating vending services and the ship’s store located in Hickory, which average annual sales in excess of $400,000.  Additionally, they supervise the daily operations of the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Division, barber shop, mail order catalog business, and video arcade."

Read the  Newsletter

Sailors stationed at Camp David

Camp David Recruiting Video

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  1. I'd like to see a few pictures of the barracks where the staff stay; where they sleep and eat, and what recreational facilities they have access to.