Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maple Cabin

Maple cabin - 1961

Maple started out as a one room cabin.  A second room and bath were added in 1954.  In 1969, the cabin caught on fire when someone was trying to thaw a frozen pipe.  The interior was repaired, but the cabin ended up being torn down and completely replaced in 1972.

The President is at Camp David quotes a visitor's description of the new Maple cabin:
"larger, more elaborate, and more modern than the older ones, with a vaulted ceiling, a large living room with a high glass wall opening onto a patio in the woods, two bedrooms, a huge fieldstone fireplace with a large supply of extra logs, neatly cut, arranged by the door."
President Nixon used a room in the Maple cabin as an office until he had a small office built in Aspen.  He delivered a Veteran's Day radio address from Maple in 1971.  President George W. Bush chose Maple Cabin to meet with Japan's Prime Minister Koizumi to discuss the Japanese economy in July 2001.

Along with Birch, Dogwood, and Red Oak, the Maple cabin is one of the "VIP guest" cabins. The photo below shows the relative location of the Maple cabin to the Aspen Lodge.

Maple cabin is visible from the outdoor cooking area at the Aspen Lodge

President Kennedy and President Eisenhower in front of Dogwood cabin - Maple cabin is on the right - 1961

Dogwood and Maple cabin (on the right) - 1962

Google Maps satellite view of Maple Cabin (on the right).  Dogwood Cabin is on the left.

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