Monday, September 20, 2010

Poplar Cabin - The Camp Office

Poplar Cabin
Of the two maps that I found of Camp David, one shows Poplar cabin near the Hickory Lodge.  The other map labels the same cabin location as just the "Camp Office".  The only reference I could find about Poplar cabin being the camp office came from the former website Camp David Tour.

According to that website, Poplar started out as a sickbay and supply office and was converted to the camp office when the officer-in-charge began residing full-time at the camp.  An office for the commanding officer (CO) and executive officer (XO) was added to Poplar in 1970.

Google Maps satellite view of Poplar cabin (center).  Hickory Lodge is on the left. 

Sources:  Camp David Tour; U.S. Navy; Google Maps

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